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What sort of format would the digital version of we are hermits be? PDF or HTML? (or other?)


In theory, the digital version of Strange Altars will also be available in more than one form: a live/web-based version, a downloadable PDF, mobi/ePub for readers, eventually/hopefully interactive iBook?

I am looking for contributions that run the gamut from audio, video, animation/moving images, comics, writing, paintings/drawings/prints/photographs to actual physical objects and ephemera (and materials/media that I am forgetting/am not familiar with/have not yet imagined!), so I hope to be forced to push the limits of how (and to what degree) each can be experienced through different formats.

For example: Does the boxed edition include a flip-book instead of video? How can visual works be better/more meaningfully handled as far as image descriptions for a digital text-only reader version?

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