TWO WEEKS TO GO: Call for submissions!

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Issue #1 of Strange Altars is in the works! The theme of the first issue is FOOD and the (initial/draft) deadline is April 15, 2014.

Please keep in mind that “FOOD” is a very broad and loose theme, and that sustenance and appetites (or lack of, or denial of) color so many things.

We are each privately laboring, creating intimate, personal work and sharing it with strangers who we ‘know’. Strange Altars celebrates not only the act of private creation, but also the impulse to share and the craving for intimacy. Leonard Cohen said “let’s be alone together; let’s see if we’re that strong”; Strange Altars proposes the opposite side of the same coin: let’s be together, even while we are alone.

Strange Altars is a semi-anual zine that hopes to re-imagine what it can mean to experience creative work shared by others: writing that you hear, pages you want to taste, animation you can hold. Each issue will exist in three versions: digital, print, and boxed (more “object-based”?), with some content exclusive to each format, due to the physical/technological limitations of each type of media, so please do not feel obligated to think within the confines of “printable on paper” when considering material for submission. Serial/sequential/multi-issue material is also welcome.

It will take some time to figure out how to translate the work into publication. The April 15th deadline is just to get a loose idea of what the pieces of the whole will be.

Please send questions, inquiries, complete submissions, and proposals to Please only submit work that you have authored/created and (in the case of previously published material) which you have permission to re-publish.

For completed work (if relevant and applicable to the media/format):

  • Label files with name + numeration (e.g. lastname_firstname_1.jpg)
  • Date the work and include title
  • Include a short description or statement about the work (if desired)
  • Attach an artist/author bio (if desired)
  • Include a link to your website (if desired)

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