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I saw a call for sound artists/producers? I’m interested in any way I can contribute


Hi! Strange Altars is a mixed media zine that will (eventually) have a print version, a web-based/digital version, an audio version, and an object-based/boxed version.In addition to music/songs (easily included in web-based and audio version, but we are working on ways to ‘include’ these in print and boxed editions as well), we are also looking for ambient/atmospheric noise tracks to accompany visual art and images for the web-based version of the issue, and for narrators to read text-based content for an audio version of the issue.We want to really push against the boundaries of what a magazine can be, and figure out new ways of sharing creative work (and to foster cross-media collaboration to create a richer, more immersive experience of each type of work). Also please feel free to email with any questions or for more information.Thank you.

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